The Designer

Life is a flow of ups and downs, adventure, love, laughs, tears, adrenaline, harmony. I believe that we are here to experience all that life has to offer that we are part of a flow of energy / consciousness that is all connected.

I create my pieces to serve my community. To help guide you on your journey.

My daily affirmations that I infuse in all my work:

"Become more conscious of your words, thoughts, intentions".

"Live with intent and align with your truth and your destiny."

"Everything holds a vibration, and we attract what we vibrate"

What is your story, what are your thoughts, what are you attracting?

What are your affirmations? 

Now... a little about me :) 

I was born in Canada and graduated as an Accessories Designer from the
Academy of Design in Toronto, having also studied at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.

Initially, I established a pronounced aesthetic focused on traditional macramé and beaded techniques mixed with modern day elements. Drawing from my
Canadian roots and Mediterranean culture my designs are illuminated with colorful beaded patterns – intricate embroidery and rich leathers.

This website is a true expression of this design.

In 2011 I launched my first brand!!!

Kim and Zozi at Tranoi in Paris Fashion Week.

Kim&Zozi quickly became a well-known name among jet setters and beach club goers around the world (fun!)

This year also marked the launch of our first sneaker collection, which drew on the DNA and aesthetic of the jewelry incorporating ethnic patterns and “bling” elements.

In the summer of 2015 I decided it was time to take my own journey and
established ZOZISHINE. Collaborating with Resort & RTW designer Dodo Bar Or, we launched our first collection in Miami at Cabana.

I am a mother to two beautiful boys, and currently living in Tel Aviv where I continue to evolve creatively.

"Everything we do is an expression of self"–

I am fortunate to have discovered that creating is both my gift and my purpose.

Much love, 


Zoar Asher 



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