"Zozi! I just have to share with you just how much I love your necklaces around my neck! Each time i pass by a mirror I get excited. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the meaning and personal touch is a whole other level!! Thank you for the love you put into creations and the light you bring to this world!" 

Vanessa Ohayon @vanessacoevent

Wearing: The Amulet of Intention and our Anahata Heart Necklace. 


Adi Mizrahi @loveandlibby

Wearing - Jerusalem Wrap Choker

I've been a fan of Zozi since she started Kim&Zozi.  I flew to Berlin to see her brand not knowing that she is based in Israel.  We immediately became friends and started working together. 

I own a multi brand Cali vibe store in Israel called Love & Libby. 

I've been stocking Zozishine for the past year. Both me and my customers are totally in love with her designs!  There is something special about them and Zozi.  


Yarden Amira @yardenamira

Wearing - Setoria Crystal Necklace + Tara Drop Necklace.

At Zozishine I found unique, custom pieces that I was looking for for a long time. Zozi’s personal touch made the experience that much better and the quality, exceptional. I couldn’t stop at just one. 

It’s nice to know that there are talented designers with such beautiful souls, that actually care about their customers. 

I got so many compliments and inquiries on the pieces because their uniqueness draws so much attention. They make you feel beautiful and they express my inner-style outward. 

Basically, I love this brand and I’ve been moved by its creator. Thank you Zozi ♥️ 


Dori Applebaum @doriapp

Wearing: Portection Eye Bracelet

Dear Zozi, 

I wanted to thank you for creating the beautiful protection bracelets for me and my bridesmaids.  The girls literally went wild when they saw them, they loved the bracelets.  We will forever have these pieces to cherish and remind us of this beautiful moment in our lives. Thank you so much!

Eliyahu Madar @eliyahu_madar_showroom

Wearing - Lumina Bracelet

Zozi, You are Top! 
The bracelet I bought from you is amazing - I’m crazy about it.



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