The collaboration with Dodo Bar or Zozi X Dodo

As one would say "it was written in the stars". Zozi was looking for inspiration and Dodo was looking for someone to do a jewelry collection with. They ran into each other at a HStern Event and a few days later the phone rang. Zozi was called into Dodo's studio and the magic began.

"She got my creative juices flowing again - can you imagine having her as a muse!"

The Zozi x Dodo collaboration launched Zozishine in June 2015.


Mission : to Create

Everything we do is an expression of self. Zozishine is my jorney. It's the matrials mixed with the memories all colliding together in my mind and out through my hands. Every piece reminds me of a place in time, an experience I was fortunate to have. A color in a painting I saw in Paris, a pattern from a rug I tripped over in Morocco.

This is "it" all coming together.
All in this moment.

Thank you for your support.




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